Luxurious and Absorbent Towel Set Review

Transforming your bathroom into a spa-like haven doesn’t have to break the bank. The Modern Threads Trefoil Filigree 6-Piece Reversible Yarn Dyed Jacquard Towel Set combines luxury, quality, and affordability.

Crafted from 100% combed cotton, this towel set promises super absorbency and quick drying, ensuring you stay cozy and dry after every bath. Let’s dive into what makes this product a must-have for your bathroom.

Luxury and Comfort


The Modern Threads Trefoil Filigree 6-Piece Reversible Yarn Dyed Jacquard Towel Set brings a touch of luxury and comfort to your bathroom. Crafted from 100% yarn-dyed highly absorbent cotton, these towels are designed to provide an unparalleled spa-like experience right in your home. Each piece in this set is plush and soft, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing drying experience every time you use them. This blend of luxury and comfort makes it an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their bathroom essentials.

High Absorbency and Quick Drying


One of the standout features of this towel set is its high absorbency and quick-drying capabilities. Made with a 550 GSM combed-cotton weave, these towels are designed to soak up water efficiently, leaving your skin dry and refreshed after every bath. The quick-drying nature of the towels also ensures that they remain fresh and ready for use, preventing the musty smell that can develop with slower-drying towels. This combination of absorbency and quick drying makes it a practical choice for everyday use.

Durability and Longevity


Durability is a key aspect of the Modern Threads Trefoil Filigree Towel Set. The 100% combed cotton material is not only soft but also robust, ensuring that the towels maintain their plushness and absorbency even after multiple washes. The towels are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means they are free from harmful substances and safe for you and the environment. This certification adds an extra layer of assurance regarding the quality and safety of the materials used.

Elegant Design


The elegant design of the Modern Threads Trefoil Filigree Towel Set is another highlight. The set includes a mix of solid and jacquard towels, featuring contemporary geometric patterns that add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom decor. Available in timeless hues like blue, sage, gold, and brown, these towels can easily complement various decor styles, making your bathroom look like a luxurious hotel suite.

Versatile Set

This 6-piece towel set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths, providing a comprehensive solution for all your drying needs. The variety in the set ensures that you have the right towel for every situation, whether it’s drying off after a shower, washing your face, or drying your hands. This versatility makes the set a practical addition to any household, catering to different needs and preferences.

Family Operated Brand

Modern Threads is a family-operated brand with over 40 years of experience in creating elegant home textiles. Each item is hand-designed by talented designers in their California studio, ensuring a perfect blend of luxury and functionality. The brand’s commitment to quality and design excellence is evident in every piece, making it a trusted name in home textiles. This long-standing reputation adds to the appeal of the towel set, promising reliability and quality.

Customer Reviews

The Modern Threads Trefoil Filigree Towel Set has received positive feedback from customers, boasting a high product rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 9,500 reviews. Customers have praised the towels for their softness, absorbency, and elegant design. Many reviewers have highlighted the excellent value for money, noting that the towels maintain their quality even after multiple washes. This positive feedback reinforces the product’s reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

Perfect for Gifting

The towel set is also an excellent gift option for various occasions. Whether it’s a housewarming, wedding, or any other special event, the Modern Threads Trefoil Filigree Towel Set makes for a thoughtful and practical gift. The elegant packaging, often wrapped in a bow, adds a touch of sophistication, making it a present that recipients will appreciate and use daily.

Easy Care

Maintaining the Modern Threads Trefoil Filigree Towel Set is straightforward and hassle-free. The towels are machine washable and designed to withstand frequent washing without losing their softness or color. This ease of care ensures that they remain a staple in your bathroom for a long time, providing consistent comfort and functionality.

Value for Money

Priced at $24.73, the Modern Threads Trefoil Filigree Towel Set offers excellent value for money. The combination of luxury, durability, and elegant design at an affordable price makes it a smart investment for those looking to enhance their bathroom experience without breaking the bank. The high customer ratings and positive reviews further attest to the set’s value, making it a popular choice among buyers.


  • Super absorbent and quick-drying
  • Made from 100% combed cotton
  • Stylish and contemporary design


  • Some users find them not super thick
  • Occasional threading flaws
  • Not ultra-soft for some users


In summary, the Modern Threads Trefoil Filigree Towel Set is a fantastic addition to any bathroom. Its combination of luxury, functionality, and style makes it stand out from other towel sets in the market.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom experience without spending a fortune, this towel set is an excellent choice. Highly recommended for both personal and guest bathrooms.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are these towels machine washable?

Answer: Yes, these towels are machine washable and maintain their softness and absorbency even after multiple washes.

Question: Do these towels come in different colors?

Answer: Yes, the towel set is available in various hues including blue, sage, gold, and brown.

Question: Are the towels in this set all jacquard?

Answer: No, the set includes one solid and one jacquard bath towel, one solid and one jacquard hand towel, and two solid washcloths.

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